Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Off to Alicante

Had a nightmare coming home from Nottingham last week. My flight was at 06:15 on Sunday morning so I decided to do an all nighter rather than going to bed and risk oversleeping. Everything was going fine, arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check in and that so Im standing in the queue 15 mins before take off waiting to get on the plane when CANCELLED!! appears on the screen. UUGGHH... Stressful stuff. Had to take a bus,three trains and a ferry before eventually arriving home at 8pm. Turned out doing an all nighter wasnt a great idea....

Had big expectations for the Dusk till Dawn club cos all Ive ever heard about it was good. Wasnt overly impressed by it tbh. A good club yes but plenty of room for improvement. The tables were a bit tight for a start. Not sure if its always this tight or they crammed a few extra tables in because of the UKIPT. Its in the middle of nowhere.£8 taxi journey from the nearest hotel. Soft drinks and tea arent free. Alot of people were complaining about the food service too over the weekend as it was very slow. And the rake in the cash games is 10%!! capped at £7. The £7 cap is great for anyone playing £2 £5+ but for the small stakes players playing £1 £2 it must be crippling. Not complaining about the club at all as I thought it was well run etc. just pointing out a few things.

Just being grinding away online the past week or so with no live play. Not a great week overall. Played 6 step 6s in total and won 1. Which isnt great but kinda expected as my results in them couldnt keep up. Still 14/28 for the year so far which isnt too shabby. Played a decent amount of mtts too with no real success. Alot of deep runs but no big scores unfortunately.

Off to Alicante now for the Estrellas Poker tour. Never been in Alicante so looking forward to a bit of sun and chilling out. Dont plan on playing any online over there. Playing tomorrow which is day 1a so Ill do a quick report tomorrow night with my progress.

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